Custom Hospital Analytics Result in Case Study for Collaborative

The Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) Coordinating Center encourages its members to seek out custom analytics to inform and support ongoing quality improvement activities. These requests can help hospitals and physician organizations dig deeper into specific aspects of their administrative claims data and, as a result, better understand areas for improvement.

As custom analytics have been prepared and shared with respective members, the Coordinating Center has endeavored to learn the extent to which these analytics have been utilized. The resulting feedback has enriched MVC’s understanding of its members’ quality initiatives, and presents a great opportunity for MVC to educate its members about the successes and lessons learned of their peers.

In that spirit, the Coordinating Center has sought the permission of various hospitals to generate case studies based on this collaborative work. One such case study featuring McLaren Port Huron Hospital was created this past year and shared with the entire Collaborative via the MVC Newsletter (Figure 1). It features a custom analytics request about the rates and adherence of follow-up visits in their congestive heart failure (CHF) population as well as readmission rates for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The resulting custom analytics reports prepared by the Coordinating Center were also accompanied by best practice sharing sourced from other Collaborative members.

Figure 1.

The Coordinating Center plans to continue to generate shareable case studies about similar requests if those facilities have provided their permission. Similarly, MVC will continue to identify such opportunities for information sharing and networking across facilities in order to support its members.

If any members of the Collaborative are interested in pursuing custom analytics in the future or have ideas to share across hospitals, please contact the Coordinating Center at michiganvaluecollaborative@gmail.com.


Virtual Site Visits Underway with MVC Members

The COVID-19 pandemic affected hospital operations in a myriad of ways, with many Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) members experiencing circumstances that could impact their score on the MVC Component of the BCBSM Pay-for-Performance (P4P) program. In order to mitigate some of the effect of COVID-19, the MVC Coordinating Center introduced two extra bonus points to be earned for Program Year 2021 only. One bonus point can be achieved by attending both MVC semi-annual events; the first was held in May and the second will be held in October. The second bonus point can be earned by undertaking a virtual site visit with the MVC Coordinating Center.

To date, the Coordinating Center has completed 26 site visits, and a further 25 “visits” are scheduled with a variety of hospitals around the state. During these 90-minute virtual visits, MVC provides an overview of the collaborative, our data, and engagement activities. Hospitals receive a quality improvement slide (Figure 1) in advance that they complete and return prior to their scheduled date. These responses drive the main discussion of the site visit.

Figure 1.

Much has been learned about various quality improvement projects being implemented and what hospitals are focusing on for 2021 and 2022. MVC plans to use the information from these slides to connect hospital members with peers interested in implementing similar projects.

In addition, the Coordinating Center is interested in learning: who is utilizing the registry and any individualized reports, the types of MVC data that are most useful, and any challenges hospitals have with using the data. This feedback will help MVC make improvements to the registry and individualized reports to make them more actionable for members.

Finally, the hospital relationship with physician organizations (POs) is discussed. One of MVC’s goals is to help facilitate collaboration between POs that have patients attributed to each hospital, especially in the patient outcomes and quality of care arenas.

If you have not yet scheduled a site visit, please do so here. Slots are available between now and October. If you have any questions or would like further information on a site visit, please contact the MVC Coordinating Center at michiganvaluecollaborative@gmail.com.