P4P Program Materials

Review materials related to the MVC Component of the BCBSM Pay-for-Performance (P4P) Program, such as cohort lists, technical documents, program updates for various program years, and more.

2023 QECP Public Report

In 2021, the Regents of the University of Michigan was awarded a data use agreement with CMS as a qualified entity (QE). MVC is the entity within the University that undertakes all QE reporting and is required to disseminate a public report on provider performance annually, incorporating QE Medicare and other payer data.

Past Reports: 2022

2023 Annual Report

A summary of the MVC Coordinating Center's activities and success stories from 2023.

View the PDF Parts A and Part B.

Previous versions: 2021, 2022

MVC General FAQ

General information about MVC, its data, and who can participate can be found here.

Physician Organization FAQ

Frequently asked questions for our physician organizations can be found here.

Data Guide

The data guide provides information about the MVC data structure, including the specifics of our price standardization and risk adjustment process.

Report Metrics Interpretation Guide

This document is intended to provide definitions for common MVC metrics and terminology.

Regions Map

MVC hospitals and physician organizations are split into four different regions. Members have the ability to compare regions on select registry pages and push reports.

MVC Service Lines and Condition Cohorts 2022

The current MVC service lines and condition cohorts can be found here.

Episode Breakdown

The episode breakdown document contains information on what each specific "bucket" consists of.

Episode of Care Payment Components

The episode of care payment components document explains the specifics located in each part of our four-part episode.