MVC Launches New Physician Organization Reports

The goal of the Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) is to improve the health of Michigan through sustainable high-value healthcare. The primary focus at inception in 2013 was the development of hospital based metrics to improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and encourage hospitals to collaborate in best practice sharing. With the knowledge that hospitals are not the healthcare entity capable of such changes, MVC invited Physician Organizations (POs) to join the collaborative towards the end of 2018.

To date, PO members have been able to see hospital level data for their attributed facilities. This has proved helpful for our PO members but we have heard consistent feedback that being able to view metrics that display a PO’s specific attributed patient population would be welcome. This value added request was appreciated by MVC, and so the Coordinating Center began a collaboration with representatives from the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) Physician Group Incentive Program (PGIP) to develop new PO patient specific metrics. MVC has also engaged other parties in the development of these new metrics, including the Michigan Data Collaborative (MDC) and hearing directly from our PO members.

As a result of this collaboration, the first MVC PO population level report, containing data for both BCBSM PPO Commercial (Comm) and BCBSM Medicare Advantage (MA) between 1/1/19 and 12/31/19, was sent out to all 40 MVC PO members on Tuesday, April 20, 2021. The report contains data on health care utilization and allows POs to benchmark themselves against all MVC participating physician organizations for the metrics listed in Table 1.

Table 1. Initial PO Reporting Metrics

Each metric was stratified by payer to account for differences in patient populations, as well as to serve as a proxy for age stratification (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Sample PO Metric: Percent of Attributed Members with at Least One Inpatient Stay

As engagement with our PO members builds, and further feedback and requests are processed, MVC plans to continue to build on the metrics highlighted in this report. As the most recent reports are at a population level, the Coordinating Center intends to delve further into the metrics for more granular level detail.

If you are interested in sharing feedback about the PO reports, have any specific analytic requests, and/or would like more information about the Michigan Value Collaborative,  please reach out to the Coordinating Center at michiganvaluecollaborative@gmail.com.