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MVC Kicks Off 10-Year Anniversary Celebration at May 19 Meeting

MVC Kicks Off 10-Year Anniversary Celebration at May 19 Meeting

The Michigan Value Collaborative premiered several new materials and offerings at this week's Spring Collaborative-Wide Meeting, including the kickoff of its 10-year anniversary celebration. Established in 2013 as part of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Value Partnerships Program, MVC was envisioned as a Collaborative Quality Initiative (CQI) focused on "helping Michigan hospitals achieve the best possible patient outcomes at the lowest reasonable cost." This interest in improving the value of healthcare has set MVC apart from other CQIs in both its focus and data use. Furthermore, MVC's analytic and engagement efforts resulted in some notable success stories and improvements over the last decade.

To celebrate the ways in which MVC has grown, adapted, and succeeded over time, the Coordinating Center shared a celebratory video (Figure 1) with attendees during its opening presentations on Friday morning. This video included interviews with current and past leadership of MVC who spoke about accomplishments they were most proud of as well as changes and growth they've observed over the years. Some of the highlights included the steady and significant growth in MVC's data sources, observed collaboration and sharing between members, expansion within the Coordinating Center, diversification in MVC's members and partner groups, and MVC's recent certification by CMS as a Qualified Entity. These accomplishments and others were similarly highlighted in a 10-year anniversary timeline poster (Figure 2) and in a slideshow that was played at multiple points throughout the day.

Figure 1. MVC 10-Year Anniversary Celebration Video

Figure 2. MVC 10-Year Anniversary Timeline Poster

The video featured interviews with Director Hari Nathan, MD, PhD; Co-Director Mike Thompson, PhD, MPH; former Director and Senior Advisor Jim Dupree, MD, MPH; former Co-Director and Senior Advisor Scott Regenbogen, MD, MPH; Program Manager Erin Conklin, MPA; and Manager of Data Analytics Chelsea Pizzo, MPH.

MVC will continue to celebrate its 10-year anniversary throughout the remainder of 2023, including at its Fall Collaborative-Wide Meeting. The focus for the latter half of 2023 will be the celebration of case studies and success stories that feature MVC's members, partners, and other stakeholders. MVC looks forward to connecting with individuals to gather those stories in the coming months. If you have a story or quote from your experience partnering with MVC, please share it with the Coordinating Center.