MVC Welcomes New Analyst, Kushbu Narender Singh, MPH

MVC Welcomes New Analyst, Kushbu Narender Singh, MPH

I would like to introduce myself as the Michigan Value Collaborative’s (MVC) newest data analyst. I am very thankful to be a part of this incredible team! I am an internationally trained dentist from India with over eight years of clinical and research experience. From childhood, I have been motivated to help people improve their health by overcoming barriers and getting timely access to quality healthcare. This led me to pursue a degree in health science and I greatly enjoyed treating dental diseases and conducting oral cancer research. My thesis research focused on studying the role of nestin - the cancer stem cell marker - in the initiation and progression of oral carcinogenesis.

After a few years of clinical practice, my curiosity about disease prevention increased. I wanted to be involved in providing data-driven healthcare solutions that would create a more significant impact on the community. I recently earned a Master of Public Health degree in epidemiology from the University of Michigan School of Public Health, which provided me with valuable knowledge and opportunities to explore the applications of data-driven research in solving real-world healthcare problems. My most recent research work focused on studying the association of statin usage with the incidence of head and neck cancer.

With this background and experience, I am excited to continue my journey - to integrate my research and clinical skills - working towards MVC’s mission. I look forward to learning and growing in my role as an analyst and continuing to fulfill my passion for improving people’s health outcomes. When not working, I enjoy gardening, bird watching, and hiking, and live by the motto ‘Live and Let Live.’ Please feel free to reach me at kushbu@med.umich.edu.


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