MVC Registry

In order to drive quality improvement, MVC provides an online registry with episode-based utilization metrics centered on administrative claims data from a variety of sources. MVC data looks at 30 and 90-day episodes for 40 different conditions and service lines. An episode includes the index event, professional costs, post-acute care, and readmissions. MVC data is risk-adjusted and price-standardized to allow for comparisons to be made.

The images below showcase just a small portion of what the registry has to offer, the first of which highlights the ability to locate service lines with the highest and lowest episode cost opportunity. All graphs on the registry are interactive, allowing drill-down to reveal more detailed information.

The second area highlighted is the MVC episode cost table. This table breaks down data into four main categories: index admission, professional cost, readmissions, and post-discharge spending. MVC collaborative members are able to use this table to identify the potential for cost savings within specific service lines. For example, in the image below, Hospital A has chosen to explore improvement opportunities in their COPD service line. While looking through the cost table, Hospital A is able to pinpoint readmissions as an area for potential cost savings.

After identifying readmissions as a potential for cost savings in the COPD service line, hospital representatives can then navigate to the MVC readmissions report to potentially locate where they may be able to implement a quality improvement initiative to decrease their readmission rate and increase cost savings. As you can see in the image below, Hospital A may want to look into implementing a quality improvement initiative during the 8-14-day period (e.g. sooner follow-visits, post-discharge phone calls).

The MVC registry has many other reports for members to utilize on the MVC registry (e.g. comorbidities skilled nursing facilities report, payment by condition). If you are interested in obtaining access to our registry and drilling down into your hospital’s own data, please request access here.