MVC provides a number of engagement activities for hospitals and physician organizations (POs) to collaborate and share best practices. To participate in an engagement activity please visit the events and registration page or contact the MVC Coordinating Center.

Site Visits

The MVC Engagement Team offers site visits to all collaborative members. During these visits, the MVC team delivers information on any requested topics, provides an overview of the data available on the registry, and summarizes the benefits of being part of MVC.

Regional Networking Dinners with Hospitals & PO Leaders

MVC hosts dinners around the state to engage hospital and PO leaders in discussions around chronic disease management and related data as well as provide networking opportunities.

Semi-Annual Collaborative Meetings

MVC holds meetings twice a year to bring quality leaders across the state together. The Coordinating Center invites speakers to share their stories of success, challenges, and barriers around the value coalition campaigns (VCCs) and other topics of interest to our membership.


Workgroups consist of a diverse group of representatives from Michigan hospitals and POs that meet virtually to collaborate and share ideas related to various topics. The current workgroup topics are:

  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Joint Replacement
  • Sepsis


MVC presents a series of monthly webinars including Beginner, Advanced and PO Webinars. The Beginner and PO Webinars introduce members to MVC and the registry while Advanced Webinars walk through scenarios using the MVC data in the tool and manipulating it in Microsoft Excel. The MVC Coordinating Center also offers customized one-on-one webinars to review member’s specific  facility or hospital data on the registry.

MVC Online

Blog: The MVC Blog provides weekly posts with best practices, current events, and news from the MVC Coordinating Center. You can visit the blog here.

Newsletter: Quarterly newsletters provide in-depth synopses of MVC events. Each newsletter features information on past and upcoming events as well as spotlights on member hospitals, physician organizations and partner Collaborative Quality Initiatives (CQIs).

Social Media: Stay up to date with MVC on Twitter and LinkedIn.