Our Work

The Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) represents a partnership between over 100 Michigan hospitals and 40 physician organizations (POs) that aims to improve the health of Michigan through sustainable, high-value healthcare. Supported by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, MVC helps its members better understand their performance using robust multi-payer data, customized analytics, and at-the-elbow support. As part of this, MVC fosters a collaborative learning environment to enable providers to learn from one another in a cooperative, non-competitive space.

Data Analytics

MVC uses high quality data to drive collaboration and quality improvement. MVC offers it's members access to a data registry allowing hospitals to benchmark their care utilization to the state, track changes over time, and identify areas of cost opportunity. Members also receive specialized reports pushed directly to their inbox and can request custom analytic reports.


The MVC hosts a number of activities to bring together our members to discuss best practices and form collaborations. These activities range from individual site visits to collaborative wide meetings. Visit the Engagement page to learn more about MVC activities and how you can get involved.

Value Coalition Campaigns (VCCs)

MVC has developed specific focus areas which member hospital and physician organization collaborations are concentrated to drive improvement. These are termed our ‘Value Coalition Campaigns’ (VCCs). MVC’s current VCCs focus on equitably increasing participation in cardiac rehabilitation, reducing the use of unnecessary preoperative testing for surgical procedures, optimizing inpatient post-acute care after major joint replacement, and improving chronic disease management.

P4P Program

Beginning in 2018, BCBSM allocated 10% of its Pay-for-Performance (P4P) program budget to an episode of care spending metric based on MVC data. In designing and implementing the MVC Component of the BCBSM P4P Program, MVC endeavors to achieve fairness, measure validity, transparency, alignment with BCBSM and CMS quality measures, and a meaningful impact on quality improvement.

CQI Collaboration

MVC works with other BCBSM CQIs to improve healthcare in the state of Michigan. Unlike other CQIs, MVC works with claims data which can be paired with clinical CQI data to evaluate the overall value of care.